Apple watch series 5 user manual: A detailed User’s Guide for men and women with iPhone, and learning how to master WatchOS 6

Price: ₹ 213.00
(as of Oct 03,2020 16:34:02 UTC – Details)

You can now enjoy all the hidden features of the Apple Watch Series 5 you don’t know before.

You may be wondering if you would enjoy all the features of the Apple Watch Series 5 maximally. This manual has come your way to help you learn and master the entire feature you need to know in your apple watch series 5. When you settle down to learn all the features, you will be glad you have purchased this fantastic product Apple has made.

If you want to see the value for your money and make apple watch a part of your useful daily life, you need to use this manual carefully and apply everything you have learned. If you master your device’s use, you can go anywhere you want to go without your phone and still make all the calls you want to make with your watch, even if you don’t have all the contacts stored on your phone.

Here are things you will learn from this manual.

  • How to turn on your device
  • How to pair your device to your phone
  • How to uninstall an app
  • How to arrange app in your watch
  • How to use the "always-on" feature.
  • How to control the brightness of your watch
  • How to change the text size
  • How to use the compass.
  • How to set a timer.
  • How to use "Fall Detection."
  • How to delete an app
  • How to mute your device
  • How to set the time
  • How to use a calculator.
  • How to unlock your apple watch with your phone
  • How to use "Levelization."
  • How to use the weather app.
  • How to arrange the layout of your phone
  • How to see all recently opened app on your watch
  • How to set the watch face
  • And many more.

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