Pixur Marble And Tile Shampoo Deo Fresh-10L / Floor Cleaner/Thick Liquid / 0% Hcl Acid/Safe On All Type Floor/Eco Friendly/No Harmful Chemicals/For Home,Office,Kitchen,Bathroom

(as of UTC – Details)

Pixur Marble & Tile Shampoo is unique formulation which keep your home clean & fresh.It is free from hcl acid like other marble & tile cleaner so pixur is 100% safe on all type of floor,it is also safe on your hands.After cleaning it keeps pleasant fragrance.Therefore we recommended use Pixur Marble & Tile Shampoo everyday. HOW TO USE: For daily use- Take 10 liter water in bucket add 2 cap(10-20 ml) Pixur Marble & Tile Shampoo, mix well & rub on floor with mop or clean cloth FOR COMMERCIAL USE: Put down Pixur Marble & Tile Shampoo (10-20 ml) on floor & scrub with hard scrubber or machine for 10 to 15 minute & clean with water.

MARBLE CLEANER is specially formulated to quickly and effectively clean marble without any harm to bring back the original and natural shine.
BRING BACK the original glow and natural shine.
CLEANS YELLOW patches, oilmarks, tea & coffee marks & black grime in the corners
0% HCL ACID so its safe on your floors and also safe on your hands


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